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We Care Bears Project

Providing instant comfort to kids in unbearable situations


Special Delivery

Posted by Jessica on June 27, 2014 at 8:20 PM


Today was a very special day for the We Care Bears Project. Today I delivered bears to the Chadwick Center at Rady Children's Hospital.

Why was this so special? Because it is the first delivery to an organization that contacted ME. Usually either my Mom or I reach out to organizations regarding my project and offer bears to them. But this time I got an e-mail from the very nice Ms. Monica asking if I could donate to the Chadwick Center.

The second reason this was so special is because of the mission of the Chadwick center.   I talked about it with my Mom because, as you know, I usually donate to first responders to "help children who are scared or injured". Well, the Chadwick Center is one of the largest hospital based child advocacy and trauma treatment centers in the nation, is staffed with more than 75 professionals in the field of medicine, social work, psychology, psychiatry, child development, nursing and education technology and they serve children who are physically or sexually abused. Those kids are probably BOTH scared AND injured and so they fit with my mission perfectly. I was happy to be able to donate 100 Beanie Babies to center and will now set aside Beanie Babies for them. I really hope they never need another stuffed animal for child that has been hurt but I know they will and I am happy to help however I can.



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